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Safe, Kind, Effective Training By Heather Williams

One method or style doesn't work on all horses. There has to be new and fresh ideas because all horses are individuals and learn differently. I've worked with many different equine personalities and each animal presents a different challenge. When I work with your horse, I work with you as well. I teach you how to communicate with your horse, to be a leader, and leave you with the skills and knowledge to practice and continue the path you want to be on with your partner. Please read more about me under "About Us".

Client's draft first bath
I offer training here at the farm or I can come to you and help you reach your goals. Email me for an appointment: or call 603-568-7527. References are available upon request  


Ground driving client's horse

I offer many training options. Here is a list of options and pricing. If you can't find an option below that will work for you, let me know. Training is very individual and I'm happy to work with alternative timelines and ideas. Please feel free to contact me and I can work out whatever option that fits best for you and your horse. Just like in training horses, there is never just one way of doing things.

Sessions at your location
A typical session generally is an hour long and costs vary upon location. Please contact me for pricing.

Sessions at our location
If you don't have a good work area at your location, you can bring your horse to Stoneybrook Farm and use our facility. We offer an indoor and outdoor arena. We also have miles of trails right off the property if your goals include trail riding. Sessions start at $70 an hour.

Full Board Training

If you have a horse that is ready for saddle starting or if you have a horse that needs training rehab or additional training, we offer full training board. This package includes 4 training sessions every week. We can make a schedule that allows for a weekly lesson, training is very flexible. You will have a weekly schedule of when your horse's sessions are so you can come and watch or participate. Care includes 24/7 turnout with shelter and free choice hay. Grain and supplements are provided by the owner. One month's training with board for current boarders is $975. For horses not currently living here, $1150.